Our story.

Childhood beginnings. 

Where to begin!? Well, we've literally been inseparable since the womb and beyond. Too much? Crazy to think about it that way and what a special thing that is! We literally have shared the exact same memories up until our adult lives (which, lets be real, we are still always together!). 

Our childhood was spent playing endless make-believe games and running barefoot outside. Something a bit more unique was that we brought our dad's old Sony video camcorder along with us to record our "movies." We'd often invite our friends and other kids in the neighborhood to be the actors! We'd create a script, direct the production and even press our headphones connected to our CD player up to the on-camera mic to pair music along with the scenes. It was a process! And you know what we got out of it? About a million incredibly embarrassing videos that are forever burned into our memories!!!  

The middle school awkward phase is so real, folks! Haha. 

Side note: to answer your burning question, YES - we were (and still are) OBSESSED with the Olsen Twins! We think its safe to say that most of our drivenness and courage to be entrepreneurs is because of them! Give us all the copies of Winning London and Billboard Dad and we'll be happy twins foreverrrr! 

things get real. 

After dabbling in the visual arts throughout most of our childhood and all through our teenage years, we decided to take the plunge and pursue it for real. This dream of ours was often met with skepticism and negativity from others, hearing warnings about the risk of being in business with a friend/family member. We had always dreamed of owning a business together and had such peace about it - there wasn't any other thing we could imagine doing with our lives!

And with that, we traveled from our beloved city of Minneapolis to the lush land of Oregon to pursue our college degrees in Filmmaking + Photography. We didn't know anyone there and our family didn't even come along with us - we wanted to harness this adventure for ourselves. And, boy, did we do just that!

Little did we know that in just a matter of months, we'd begin receiving opportunities for major gigs, various awards and publications within our field! Stephanie accepted the coveted Triple "S" Award for her pursuit of Photography as an art form as well as People's Choice in the same year! Meanwhile, Laurie was nominated for both best cinematography and editing at the Fox Film Festival, winning People's Choice in a film she worked on during the year!

As a team, we were continuously guided by the Lord to keep working hard and pursue community along the way, which is our deepest goal. 



Currently, we are balancing our love of shooting weddings, events, editorial/branding work and portraits! We believe in keeping things different and pushing ourselves in all areas. Our Instagram is the place where you'll get to see what we're up to on the daily which normally consists of editing, cooking up some yummy recipes, and traveling! Work hard, play hard, amiright?! 

Finally, we have some major dreams and goals for the future and we cannot wait to share the journey with you all! It will involve community and inclusiveness, which we always try and live by. In every aspect of our photo/video endeavors, relationships and meeting new people are always a driving force.  

Thanks for following along!

- Stephanie + Laurie