Andie + Mikal



First of all, our friend, Andie, was selling her desk and we offered a part trade with a photo session as payment! It was SO. MUCH. FUN. However, it was totally unlike any other b/w session we've done. You know why? It was in their own home

2 huge takeaways: 

- One of the best things about shooting with photo equipment is that they are quite mobile! We set this backdrop up in their living room of all places as they changed into their outfits. It made the session so much more chill and comfortable for the couple, and honestly quite fun! It took in-home sessions to a totally different level, giving them something unique to cherish in their space, but also holding nostalgia of their first apartment together!

- TRADING. For all the creative people reading this, seriously think about what you have to offer as trade with others! At first when we set off to try it out, we felt kinda weird asking other vendors and businesses if they would be interested in trading services because it seemed kind of like a mooching thing to do, honestly. But after actually setting up a bunch of trade deals, we've noticed what a win-win thing it can be! It allows for some businesses who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford what you have to offer, have the chance to use you! Everyone wins!